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YouTube’s algorithms are as mysterious as they come. No one knew what the algorithms performed or how they operated since YouTube remained largely silent about the procedures that took place behind the scenes.

However, since Google published an article titled “Deep Neural Networks For YouTube Recommendations,” the mystique around YouTube’s…

Google drive

Google Drive allows users to store files on their servers, synchronize files across the device, and share files.

Google drive

One drive

Similar to Google Drive allows synchronizing service as part of web service.

Hey you guys, welcome to my channel, In today’s video I’m going to show you guys, how to blur somebody’s Face or any object in Adobe Premiere Pro and also Motion Track it.

Step 1

Go to Project, Right Click to import the clip you want to edit, and just drag…

For those who are unaware, there is an alternative method to monetize your videos other than YouTube, you don’t require 1000 subscribers or 4000 hours of watch time.

There’s a new website called Rumble that allows people to monetize their videos using a much easier platform. According to Redditor u/messem10…

I’m going to tell you four things that tons of content creators do, that can get your channel deleted off of YouTube, which means all of that hard work and effort that you’re putting into your channel, gone! It will no longer exist.

So pay attention to all of the…

On Wednesday, a group of US senators asked Apple and Alphabet’s Google officials about their mobile app stores’ supremacy and whether the companies misuse their influence at the detriment of smaller rivals.

During An Antitrust Hearing, US Senators Questioned Apple and Google About Their Dominance In The App Store.

Apple and Google may use their power to “exclude or suppress apps that compete with their own products”…

Popular photo-sharing app Instagram is rolling out a feature that filters offensive terms, phrases, and emojis to prevent users from seeing potentially abusive messages.

Instagram introduces a new filter to combat hate speech, which will prevent blocked contacts from connecting with new accounts.

Along with the filter choice for inappropriate direct messages, the company said on Wednesday that it would make it more difficult for people who have been…

The cybersecurity agency of India, has cautioned WhatsApp users about certain vulnerabilities detected within the popular Facebook messaging app that would cause a breach of sensitive information.

A “high” severity rating advisory issued by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, said the vulnerability has been detected in software that…

Thousands of individuals across the planet lost jobs during the pandemic, there are about 3.1 million unfulfilled positions in cybersecurity around the world, with most of them being within the Asia-Pacific region.

Cybersecurity 3.1 Million Cybersecurity Positions Vacant Around The Globe

As a result of the impact of the worldwide pandemic, cybercrime within the Asia Pacific went up by…

Tech giant Google is reportedly shutting down its mobile shopping app for Android and iOS.

Google Shutting Down Its Shopping App

Google’s mobile shopping app won’t work for users and it’s redirecting users to its web shopping website.

Google Shutting Down Its Shopping App

Google spokesperson said, “Within the next few weeks, we’ll no longer be…

One Minute Tech News

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